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Sedation Dentistry in Belair, MD

Don't let dental anxiety keep you out of the dentist's chair. Skipping regular checkups and delaying essential care out of fear can lead to serious oral health issues down the road. A bad experience with dentistry doesn't have to doom you to a lifetime of poor dental health. Advances in dental health have made sedation dentistry in Belair, MD, an affordable way to overcome your fears. Abingdon Family Dentistry has more than 30 years of experience helping all kinds of patients get the dental care they deserve. Inhalation sedation using anesthetic gas has been in use for more than a hundred years, and modern refinements have made it more effective than ever.

Pain Reliever & Nitrous Oxide in Belair, MD

Inhalation Sedation for Stress Relief

Through conscious sedation with nitrous oxide, dentist work becomes possible for even the most nervous patient. Over our years of experience, we've seen many patients overcome their fear of the dentist after one pain-free appointment. We use safe, effective nitrous oxide as an anti-anxiety solution that supplements pain-numbing local anesthetic delivered by a pain-free anesthesia wand instead of an injection.

The effects of sedation dentistry are harmless to most patients, and our nitrous oxide dentist can help determine if it will be right for you. This is not a "sleep" anesthetic, and is often described as a floating sensation that helps you be comfortable with the ongoing procedure. You stay conscious throughout the procedure, and the effects of the nitrous oxide wear off after a few minutes. After the procedure is completed, you will be able to walk normally and drive yourself home.

Nitrous Oxide Dentist for Pharmacological Sedation

Sometimes, conscious inhalation sedation is not enough, and some patients are especially anxious about dentist. Whatever the reason, we're here to help you get the essential dental care without the stress. For the next step up in sedation dentistry, we offer pharmacological conscious sedation. This type of sedation is appropriate for patients who absolutely cannot sit through the dental procedure without severe anxiety.

Our caring staff will administer a powerful, but safe mix of pharmacological medication and inhalation gases. Although you will be conscious during the procedure, the effect of this sedation will be to make you unaware of the ongoing procedure and not remember anything about it afterwards. The only evidence that you even had dental work will be your bright new smile!

Contact us today about anxiety-reducing sedation dentistry. Abingdon Family Dentistry proudly serves all patients in Abingdon, Bel Air, Fallston, Forest Hill, Belcamp, and the surrounding communities in Maryland.