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Root Canals in Belair, MD

When the roots in your teeth are having issues, sometimes the symptoms are obvious. Constant and severe pain in your mouth, or pressure and pain when biting down can be a serious issue. A patient's gums can become extremely sensitive as well, and some patients complain about eating hot or cold food. All of these symptoms can be resolved with our professional root canals in Belair, MD.

Root canal treatment has one of the worst reputations in dentistry, with many patients expecting it to be a very painful procedure. This reputation is entirely undeserved, as a skilled root canal dentist will eliminate pain for the patient rather than cause it. A root canal is no more potentially painful than a dental filling, and our pain-free dentists have the latest in modern technology to put you at ease during this process.

Healthy Tooth Diagram in Belair, MD

Tooth Decay Diagram in Belair, MD

After a Root Canal Diagram in Belair, MD

Painless Root Canal Treatment

Abingdon Family Dentistry is just as committed to patient comfort as we are to overall mouth health. We have a full suite of anesthesia options, specially designed to eliminate pain and maximize comfort. Root canals, much like fillings, begin with an injection of local anesthesia, and this can make some patients nervous. Our investment in your comfort starts with the latest in technology: the anesthesia wand. This pen-like device precisely numbs the injection area first, making the subsequent injection as painless as possible.

Root Canal Dentist Relieves the Pain

For this reason, there's no reason to delay root canal treatment because of fear of pain. In fact, just the opposite should hurry you to the root canal dentist. A root canal is required when the living pulp inside of your natural teeth becomes infected or inflamed. The acute pain this produces is just the outward sign of the damage this infection can do. Without a timely root canal, the infection can spread throughout the tooth and beyond, leading to further damage and loss of teeth.

Fortunately, we can clear this infection out and repair the tooth relatively quickly. Upon diagnosing a pulp issue, performing a root canal is vital. Our root canal dentist has years of experience dealing with this essential procedure, and many patients report a pain-free experience throughout. Cleaning out the infection is the first step, followed by the installation of an invisible filling or even a crown to seal the healthy tooth.

Contact us for a pain-free root canal, guaranteed! Abingdon Family Dentistry proudly serves all patients in Abingdon, Bel Air, Fallston, Forest Hill, Belcamp, and the surrounding communities in Maryland.