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Dental Fillings in Belair, MD

Fillings are essential to maintaining your oral health, but the right fillings can also keep your smile bright. Our dental fillings in Belair, MD, are suitable to resolve any cavity without marring your perfect smile. Abingdon Family Dentistry specializes in tooth-colored fillings for a clear smile, and we believe that no one should know you had a cavity besides you and your dentist.

Getting cavities filled quickly will prevent further issues, including growth of the cavity or even the collapse of the tooth. A cavity enables contaminants to infiltrate the roots of your tooth, damaging it from within and necessitating a root canal. Regular dental checkups are necessary to spot cavities early, and we have all the latest technologies to make these checks quickly and accurately.

Tooth-Colored Filling Diagram in Belair, MD

Discreet White Fillings

Fillings should protect your smile, not make you want to hide it. Fortunately, modern white fillings allow for invisible tooth repair, with materials ranging from porcelain and glass ionomer fillings to high-tech composite plastic and glass fillings.

Easy Tooth Colored

The trade-off between metal fillings and invisible materials used to be durability, but modern technology is rapidly enabling modern materials to achieve the lifetime of various metals. Our dentist believes that everybody should have access to invisible fillings, and we can advise you on the best mix of durability and affordability for your tooth repair.

Drill Free Fillings

Patients often dread getting dental fillings, their memories of uncomfortable procedures rising to the front of their mind. Don't worry. Our focus is on your comfort, and our practice has made an investment in the latest in dental care. Waterlase™ dentistry is a new system for cavity filling.

Heat, pressure, and vibration are the most common causes of dental pain. However, the Waterlase system avoids all three, by using a gentle cutting method that easily removes tooth enamel decay, bone, and gum tissue without affecting the surrounding area, Waterlase produces less bleeding and swelling. This results in a faster recovery time and fewer dental visits, while making the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Contact us for a full line of fillings suitable for any need. Abingdon Family Dentistry proudly serves all patients in Abingdon, Bel Air, Fallston, Forest Hill, Belcamp, and the surrounding communities in Maryland.