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Dentures in Belair, MD

Natural teeth don't always last a lifetime, but you don't have to sacrifice your lifestyle because of a lack of teeth. Our practice specializes in a wide variety of dentures in Bel Air, MD, guaranteed for fit and effectiveness. Any patient can take advantage of removable dentures, providing an undeniable advantage in convenience and enabling a full, healthy life.

Abingdon Family Dentistry has more than 30 years of experience providing partial and full dentures to patients in need, and through the years we have kept up with the latest technology. Modern techniques allow us to craft full or partial dentures that fit your mouth perfectly, and 3D printing technology makes this process faster than ever before in history. Starting from a custom mouth mold and scan, you'll finish with a great fit that lets you eat just as if you had your natural teeth.

Denture Diagram in Belair, MD

Implant Overdenture in Belair, MD

Transitional Partial Denture

Removable Partial Denture

Options in Removable Dentures

Some patients think that full dentures are the only option, but even a partial loss of teeth makes good with partial removable dentures. These dentures, sometimes called "partials," enable a gap of missing teeth to be conveniently filled without permanent crowns or bridgework. Some people prefer to be able to remove their false teeth for easy cleaning, and it is more convenient to get partial dentures adjusted or repaired. Another common reason to consider partials is if your dentist anticipates you will need a full set later on.

Removable dentures are the perfect-fit lifestyle solution for any patient. While crowns and other work can replace teeth, some patients prefer to have a removable tooth replacement. Other patients use dentures because of jaw issues that prevent crowns and bridgework. Either way, fitting and preparation for dentures is relatively simple, and our skilled dentists are able to provide you with skilled work that keeps you comfortable throughout.

Preparing for Full or Partial Dentures

There are two basic processes to prepare and adjust to dentures, customized to each patient. In the conventional method, we remove your remaining teeth and an x-ray scan is made of your mouth. This allows your dentures to be prepared while your mouth heals. Once your dentures are ready, they can be easily installed, allowing you to adjust to them immediately.

The immediate method takes advantage of new techniques, enabling you to avoid spending time without teeth. After a full scan of your mouth, your partial or full dentures will be created. Once they are ready, your remaining teeth will be removed and the dentures will be fitted immediately. You won't have to spend any time without teeth, but we will have to adjust the dentures a few times as your mouth heals.

Repairing Dentures for a Better Fit

  • Sore Gums
  • Difficulty Chewing
  • Dentures Loose and Falling Out
  • Cracked or Broken Teeth
  • Cracked or Broken Trays
  • Bite Not Lining Up
  • Calluses Forming On the Tongue

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