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Family Dentist in Belair, MD

Let your smile shine bright with regular dental checkups from our family dentist. We are friendly family dentists offering superior dental care for patients of any age. Patients throughout the area rely on us for full-service general dentistry for almost any service. That means you save time because you will not need to schedule appointments with different dentists for specific procedures.

For this reason, our office has grown steadily since 1988 through word of mouth from our many satisfied patients. We are a known name among the general dentists in the surrounding area, and the Baltimore Sun recently honored us as "Best of Hartford County 2014." Talk to us about our flexible scheduling for affordable care for any dental need. Some of the services you may need as well as the reasons why you would need them, include:

  • Fillings - Improper brushing leads to tarter and plaque buildup on the surface of your teeth. In turn, cavities can form. Fillings will restore your teeth and prevent further decay from occurring.
  • Root Canals - If a tooth is too damaged for a filling, a root canal treatment may be the solution to save your tooth and prevent further damage.
  • Extractions – When a tooth is severely damaged and a root canal will not save your tooth, tooth extraction could be necessary. Our dentist removes the damaged tooth and provides you with post-care instructions to help your gums heal quickly.
  • Crowns - Used for cosmetic and restorative purposes, tooth crowns are tooth-colored coverings that improve the look of a damaged, misshapen, cracked, or discolored tooth. These durable, natural-looking caps are also used to replace missing teeth.
  • Dentures - Dentures have come a long way. Today's dentures are designed for comfort, durability, aesthetics, and function to improve your smile, chewing abilities, speech, and bite. They also prevent your facial muscles from sagging.
  • Inlays & Onlays - Tooth decay happens even with those who have health teeth. Fortunately, if your tooth becomes decayed or damaged, you can improve it with inlays or onlays. These are excellent alternatives for traditional fillings and crowns, as they're more durable. Additionally, minimal drilling is required.
  • Dental Sealants - Brushing and flossing is a must, but these aren't your only defenses against cavities. Sealants give the grooved, hard-to-reach, and pitted areas of your teeth a little extra protection from decay.

General Dentists for Tooth Health & Oral Cancer Screening

Our practice is always open to new patients, and many of our regular patients have been relying on us for years. Good dental health shouldn't have to mean missing work or school for cleanings and dental exams. That is why we offer flexible hours, including Saturdays by appointment. Our focus is on education and prevention, and we would rather help you avoid problems than risk your health. Good oral hygiene prevents many common issues, and makes it easier to put in place a mitigation strategy for problems that arise.

Patients count on us for total mouth health, including jaw health and oral cancer screening. From the very first appointment, our general dentists take a thorough approach to your mouth's care. New patients can expect the following on their initial appointment:

Senior Couple in Belair, MD
  • Bite Evaluation - Every patient has an "ideal bite." A bite evaluation will help our dentists determine whether or not your teeth fit together properly to provide you with optimal dental health and function.
  • Oral Cancer Exam - The key to maintaining optimal oral and overall health is to catch problems early. That's why we perform oral cancer screenings to identify signs of cancer or precancerous conditions early on, which allows for a greater chance of successful treatment.
  • Tooth-by-Tooth Exam - We examine each tooth individually, making note of fillings, missing teeth, and areas to keep an eye on. This allows us to provide the most comprehensive care possible in the future.
  • TMJ (Jaw Joint) Exam - Did you know that more than 15% of Americans suffer from some type of TMJ problem? Our dentists offer thorough exams of temporomandibular joints to determine if you're at risk for developing a disorder.
  • Gum Disease Screening - Many Americans suffer from gum disease. Early detection and prevention are the keys to keeping your gums healthy. That's why we offer in-depth gum disease exams, which will help you maintain optimal oral health.
  • Cavity-Detecting X-Rays - Some signs of dental disease or decay cannot be seen with the naked eye. Dental X-rays allow us to check between teeth and below fillings for problems that would, otherwise, go undetected.
  • Jaw Cyst & Tumor Screening - Your mouth and jaws are made up of many bones, tissues, muscles, and glands. Therefore, they are more susceptible to developing growths. Our jaw cyst and tumor screening will identify any of these problems, and we will recommend a treatment to improve your oral health.

Specializing in General Dentistry

So what exactly is general dentistry? As general dental care practitioners, we specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and disorders of our patients' teeth and maxillofacial areas. To put it simply, we provide complete care to keep your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime. Our modern office is fully equipped with the most advanced dental equipment to provide patients of all ages with personalized care programs. Whether you need to restore a cavity or you need to schedule your bi-annual exam, you’ll feel at ease knowing that our family dentists delivers the care you need, when you need it.

Family Dentists Committed to Pain-Free Care

Many people get nervous about going to the dentist, and unfortunately, this often causes them to delay this essential treatment. Delaying or neglecting dental care can actually lead to more harm than good. In fact, regular checkups are the only reliable ways to find and fix minor issues before they develop into serious and painful ones. Don't let the fear of pain prevent you from scheduling an appointment today. Known throughout the area as the pain-free dentists, all of our family dentists stay trained in the latest techniques in sedation dentistry.

Modern technology allows us to make every visit a positive experience. Using "The Wand," a painless numbing tool rather than anesthetic shots, and "No-Drill" laser fillings, we provide the ultimate dental convenience. Our patients count on us to combine this technology with our high standards of friendly care, putting you at your ease and your mouth on the road to total dental health.

Contact us today to schedule a new patient appointment! Abingdon Family Dentistry proudly serves all patients in Abingdon, Bel Air, Fallston, Forest Hill, Belcamp, and the surrounding communities in Maryland.